Brake Servicing

Your brakes are your safety net when it comes to safe driving.Brakes are one of the most crucial components in your car. If you want safety and security for you and your passengers, you need good brakes that are well maintained.

We have the equipment and skills to replace brake pads and shoes, machine or replace worn disks and adjust brakes to ensure maximum performance. Best of all, we’ll be honest about what you need and explain the whole process if you’re interested.

Your car’s brakes make up part of the system that is responsible for how well your car stops. This system also includes components like shock absorbers, tires and CV joints and wheel hubs. Being an interconnected system means that a problem with one component left unchecked can go on to weaken others in the system. Don’t let a small problem today grow into a big one down the track.

Whether you just need your brakes looked at or you want to have them checked as part of a full service, let us know and we’ll be right there!

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